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Confined Space

Confined Space Training Courses & Awareness

Our confined space courses are designed to deliver the knowledge and practical know-how when it comes to approaching confined space operations safely.

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What is a Confined Space?

Confined spaces are any areas that have limited access and present as health and safety hazards due to the conditions inside them, for example, hazardous substances or minimal ventilation.

What Are The Hazards Associated With Confined Spaces?

  • Fire and explosions – flammable or combustible gases can build up, and if ignited can cause explosions. Since the space is already limited, escaping would be difficult.
  • Lack of oxygen – if oxygen supplies aren’t being replenished, this can cause light-headedness and loss of consciousness.
  • Lack of ventilation – if harmful gases build up within the confined space, they can prove to be extremely dangerous if inhaled, possibly leading to death.
  • Electrical Appliances – In the event that someone working in a confined space comes into contact with a live wire, they may not have room to move away and the electrocution could potentially be fatal.

Who Are Confined Space Courses For?

Whether you’re a worker or supervisor that operates near a confined space or directly within them, our courses will bring you up to speed with all the required elements of awareness and entry training.

Our Confined Space Courses are for personnel that work directly in confined spaces.

When Does Confined Space Training Expire?

The certification you will receive upon completing your training lasts for three years, as per industry standards. Even if you hold valid certification, we advise that operatives should only enter a confined space if they are competent.

Where Do The Training Courses Take Place?

Your training course will be delivered at our state-of-the-art confined space training centre in Derby, which is equipped with purpose-built training simulators.

This will ensure that our delegates get an interactive and immersive training experience, and so that they understand what may be expected in real-life emergencies.