Tuesday, April 23, 2024
Confined Space

Confined Spaces Awareness Course

Course: Confined Space Awareness

Duration: half day

Suitable for:
All personnel who work near a Confined Space or might be associated with Confined Space Operations.

Course Aim:
The aim of this course is to prepare candidates with the principles of Confined Space Awareness for those that might work near confined spaces, or might be associated with confined space operations but are not required to enter a confined space. This course can be used as a proprietary step to confined space entry training if required.

This course can be tailored to me specific clients needs for the general awareness of employees.

Please Note – the Confined Space Awareness Course is NOT suitable for any persons who MAY HAVE to enter a confined space; it does NOT train or certify a person to enter a Confined Space.

If required please see the Confined Space ENTRY Courses which DO train and certify a person to enter a Confined Space.

Course Subjects:

  • An awareness of the legislation applying to Confined Spaces working
  • Principles of Confined Space Risks/Hazards
  • Principles of Confined Space Identification and Classification
  • The importance of personal hygiene to prevent cross contamination
  • The importance of personal hygiene when working with confined spaces, biological agents and diseases
  • The Health and Safety responsibilities of a manager/employer
  • The importance of reporting accidents, ill health and other incidents

All candidates who successfully complete the course will receive a SOTA Training E-Certificate for Confined Space Awareness Course Attendance, valid for three years.

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