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Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) Course

For the Purpose of Confined Space Entry


Respiratory protective devices
Recommendations for selection, use, care and maintenance
Guidance document

11 Operating information, instruction and training

11.1 General

The training of all those involved in the programme should be kept up to date through a process of regular refresher training. The refresher training should take place at least annually. The training should be matched to the complexity of the device and the extent of the health/life risks against which the device is used.

11.2 Employers
The employer is required (89/656/EEC) to ensure that each wearer and others involved in the programme receive the necessary information, instruction and training.

11.3 Wearers
Each wearer should be given both initial and at least annual refresher training in the safe use of the chosen device.

Learning Outcomes and Competences:

  • hazards against which the device is to be used and the health effects likely to result from exposure to those hazards;
  • why the device is needed for the job and when to use it?
  • wearer’s responsibilities for the correct use and care of personal protective equipment;
  • reason for selecting a particular type of device and the fit testing of face pieces, where necessary;
  • risks to the wearer if the device is not worn and used correctly and/or not worn all the time in the contaminated area;
  • how the device works, what it can do and cannot do, including limitations;
  • how to recognise faults in the device;
  • pre-use inspection and checks required and how to carry them out;
  • method of donning and doffing the device and fit-checking;
  • practical emergency procedures when wearing the device;
  • doffing, cleaning, disinfection and inspection of the device after use;
  • instruction on correct storage;
  • information on reporting arrangements (e.g. to report faults, need for maintenance, to obtain and fit spare parts where practicable).

In accordance with:

  • National Occupational Standards COGER20 (Carry out routine equipment checks)
  • National Occupational Standards PROMR22 (Use, maintain and test breathing apparatus and equipment)


  • HSE Confined Space Regulations 1997
  • Approved Code of Practice (ACoP) L101 (3rd Edition published December 2014)
  • National Occupational Standards EUSCS03 (Working in high risk confined spaces) 

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